Slamming Glasgow

If any of you happened to be wandering the streets of Glasgow yesterday afternoon (I didn’t see anyone I recognised, but you’re all pretty shady, so I’m not ruling out the possibility of incognito Glasgow trips), you would have come upon a rather wonderful sight.


That’s right, everyone. The Scottish Race for Life is officially launched! Pause for tiny party.

Photo on 22-03-2013 at 15.34

Guys, I love our mini parties. They’re such special times. Also, one of those balloons is the same balloon I used for my last mini party when Lauren signed up. That was so long ago! They are magical. Magical, magical, cancer-defeating balloons. Weirdly, the balloon on the stick deflated in a normal balloon deflating time range, but the other one is still inflated. Science. Let your balloons roam free, everyone.

I HAVE GOTTEN SO DISTRACTED. This is why I shouldn’t be given balloons.

Anyway, despite my life looking like this at the moment:

This isn't even a jokey prop book pile. This is my legit dissertation book pile. And I'm pretty sure at least three are missing.

This isn’t even a jokey prop book pile. This is my legit dissertation book pile. And I’m pretty sure at least three are missing.

I decided to head on down to the Glasgow launch and have a boogie with our stunningly gorgeous Cancer Slam dancers. They brought the glamour, I brought the flyers. The girls danced up a storm, and spirits were high all round!


I chose this photo for two reasons. One, it’s sunny! Look at it! Sun! SUNSUNSUN! Two, it perfectly showcases the epicness of my new hair crush. Look at her hair. It is glorious. I think I love her.

Throughout the day, we gathered ourselves some new cancer slammers, those awesome few who were crazy enough to stop and dance in the face of cancer on a cold Wednesday afternoon on Buchanan Street.

Glasgow ladies can't get enough of the crazy jumps.

Glasgow ladies can’t get enough of the crazy jumps.

Our littlest slammer showing us exactly what she thinks of cancer.

Our littlest slammer showing us exactly what she thinks of cancer.

She was so cute that I want to cry even looking at this photo.

She was so cute that I want to cry even looking at this photo.

We also had the privilege of meeting an incredibly brave little girl who had managed to kick cancer’s ass at the age of 9. Very cool.

She slammed it with the dancers.


Then took to the stage to show us all how it was done.


Eventually, inevitably, she embarked on her solo career, putting us all to shame.


I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes. Yes I did dance the cancer slam in the middle of the day on the busiest street in Glasgow. I’m fairly sure there is evidence, but I have yet to see it. In the interests of humiliating myself further, if photos emerge, I’ll be sure to stick them up here. Don’t let that sun fool you, it was unspeakably cold out there, and despite wearing five layers of clothing, I’m pretty sure I would have frozen to death if I didn’t dance. That was probably their plan all along…

It was a really great day, and has made me fully excited about running the Race. Now that my toes have thawed, I can happily reminisce about how much fun it was, from my comfortable new position of duvet fajita.

My calling in life.

My calling in life.



Turns out that the Cup Final was actually pretty good exercise. Leaping up and down for 94 minutes is a fairly good workout, and I gotta say, I haven’t felt that breathless in a while.

I won’t tell you who won, because I’m a bigger person than that, so we’ll just say it was a good game and leave it at that.


This is a pretty exciting week in Race for Life world, because this week, our official launches begin! Hell yeah! I hope this snow lets up, otherwise I’m probably gonna get pneumonia and die. If you want to say hello, I’ll be shivering on Buchanan Street this Thursday, and St Andrews Square this Saturday. I wonder if it’ll be colder than my flat right now. Perish the thought.

Photo on 19-03-2013 at 11.39 #4

The glamorous life of a final year student. I’ll more than likely be blogging about these launches, but if you’re in the area, please come and have a look. Bring soup.

And at these launches, we will be unveiling something rather exciting. We will be unveiling the Cancer Slam.

The Cancer Slam is two and a half minutes of dancing f-you to cancer. It’ll be performed every hour at our launches and will also be the warm up for all you lovely ladies on Race Day. So get practising your Greased Lightning moves, girls. Here’s the kickass music video.

Pretty wicked, no? I’m excited. Will dig out my rara skirt and pink lady jacket immediately.

We also have a video tutorial if you want to learn the moves before Race Day and get step perfect. You can be like that lady up the front of every Zumba class that we can’t quite decide whether to hate or admire.

If you’ve been holding off on sponsoring, now is the time to start thinking about it! Once the event officially launches, it’s just a big countdown to the Race. And if you’re thinking about signing up to Race but haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for?! It’s loads of fun, I promise. And you definitely, absolutely will not come last. I’ll be behind you, rolling my way over the finish line with a mouthful of cake. That’s just who I am, man, why can’t you accept me and love me the way I am?

FINE. I will start training when the snow stops and run the Race, ponytail bobbing virtuously behind me. For now, I’m off to practise the Slam moves in front of my mirror.

Rock n roll, baby.

Rock n roll, baby.