Progress Report

Well, it’s been 20 days since I started writing this blog, so on this very important milestone, I thought we could all sit down and hold hands and admire how far we’ve come.

Sophie still has not actually signed up to run the Race, so at the moment I am in a team on my own. Feel free to point fingers of shame at her and throw things in the street until she signs up.

So far, we have raised £227. I’ll say that again. £227. In 20 days. You guys are literally the greatest. I hope you all live wonderful, fulfilling lives filled with cake and sunshine. We are already 45% of the way to our original target, and we still have three months to fundraise. I’m hoping that we can smash last year’s total of £780. Considering that around this time last year, the thought of entering Race for Life hadn’t even entered my head, I’m pretty hopeful.

I have just realised that today marks exactly three months until our Race. That is a much better milestone than our 20 day anniversary.


Much success.

Much success.

I know lots of the folks reading are poor impoverished students, and have to organise their donations around their paltry student loans and too-good-to-miss drinks promotions at Hive. And a lots of you will be waiting until closer to the Race to donate. Hunky dory. I would like to draw your attention to this little baby:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.19.06

On our Justgiving page, there is a “Remind me to donate later” button. Now, since I own the page, I can’t click on it, and therefore have literally no idea what this button does. Seriously, no idea. But it seems like a good idea. Give it a click. It probably won’t telepathically implant charitable impulses into your mind. I’m sure it’s more of an email reminder sort of gig. Maybe.

Is this the face of a girl who would brainwash you?

Is this the face of a girl who would brainwash you?

Also, last piece of news for just now: it’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow! She’s going to be 25, again. Hooray!


Early Happy Birthday!

She is the reason we are doing all of this, so if anyone fancies making a happy birthday donation in her honour, that would be most lovely.

(Family members, donating is probably not an excuse not to buy a present)

That’s all for now chaps, thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! Keep ’em coming, I know the Race isn’t for a while, but it’s a damn good little motivator every time a donation comes in. Makes me very happy.

Happy, happy birthday for tomorrow mum, I love you so much.