First Steps

For those of you joining this show already in progress, a quick catch up of mine and Sophie’s shining cancer-kicking credentials.

This is me:


This is Sophie:


And four years ago, cancer tried to take this lady away from us:


Naturally, we were miffed. I mean, look how adorable she is. Why would cancer pick a fight with that? Anyway, my mum kicked it to the curb pretty sharpish. Really it should have known better than to mess with a Paisley burd. But for me and Sophie, the fight wasn’t quite over yet. We decided to teach cancer a lesson, so signed up for the Race for Life 2012.

We followed a rigorous training programme to prepare for our 5k run.

We exercised regularly.





And always ate a healthy, balanced diet.

angel delight



We’re a pretty serious pair altogether.

Kicking ass

Over two months, the lovely, wonderful general public donated to our campaign, somehow believing that these two girls could drag their bodies around a 5k running track if motivated by enough cancer-rage.

It rained tons on the day.

Maaaaybe not this much.

Maaaaybe not this much.

But that didn’t manage to dampen anyone’s spirits.


Turns out that cancer-rage is a fairly effective motivator, and we made it all the way round the track: in 48 minutes. By the end of our campaign, we had raised just over £800 for Cancer Research UK.



And this year, we’re back. We aim to become the ultimate fly in cancer’s ointment by flatly refusing to go away until it does. We Paisley girls are tough, and we don’t do things by half. So cancer, you better watch your back. Because we are coming after you.