Hey everyone! I’m Fiona, and welcome to my crib.

Me and my sister Sophie are dedicating the next few months of our lives to picking a fight with one of the biggest assholes we can think of. Cancer.

This is us.

This is us.

Cancer sucks. I hate cancer. Do you hate cancer? Excellent, let’s be friends!

Over the past two years, Sophie and I have raised just over £2000 for Cancer Research UK. This year, we’re kicking it up a notch. This year, we’re attempting to rope in pretty much every woman that we are related to. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for Sister Act III: The Gathering.

Here, you will be able to follow our undoubtedly hilarious progress. We’ll be tuning in with embarrassing photos, ridiculous training failures, fundraising updates, celebrity guests and the occasional heartwrenching stories. It’s a hell of a fight we’re picking, and it would be amazing if you had our backs. Read along, please get in touch with encouragement (I love encouragement, such a little narcissist) and if you feel like it’s right, click the button and donate.

We love you all. Take my hand and we’ll go together.


You can also donate via text, by texting SOFI51 followed by the amount to 70070.


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