Hands Off Our Mothers

So. It would appear that I have something in common with Taylor Swift, other than a penchant for pillarbox red lipsticks. Only this is one similarity I wouldn’t wish on anyone. A couple of days ago, Taylor announced to her fans that she is joining the long list of girls who have had their mums sit them down and tell them that she has cancer. Because when it comes to this one thing, cancer doesn’t care if you’re a famous popstar. It doesn’t care if you’re only sixteen years old. It doesn’t care if your sister is eleven.

Cancer comes after us and our mums regardless.

I talk a lot about how brave and kickass and awesome my mum is, but the truth is, cancer doesn’t care about that. My mum’s courage shone through throughout her sickness, her treatment, her recovery and the balls-to-the-wall manner in which she has lived her life since. But that didn’t keep her alive. We talk about fighting cancer, as if it can be beaten through sheer force of will. But the truth is, cancer doesn’t care how hard we fight. Men and women who are just as brave and who fight just as hard as my mum did are stolen from us every single day by cancer. Every day, more mums have to sit their kids down and tell them that they have cancer. Every day, more kids lose their mums.

This is not okay.

But cancer doesn’t care.

The truth is, there is only one reason that I got to keep my mum. There is only one way to beat this. And that’s research. Research funded by organisations like Cancer Research UK means that every day we take a step closer to beating this particular bad guy for good. Every day, we learn more about this disease that walks into our lives and takes away the people most dear to us. Cancer survival rates in the UK have doubled in the last 40 years. We are beating this. But we need your help. There’s only one way to beat cancer. Donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/sister-act-iv/


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