Moving on Up

I’ve been getting a fair bit of post over the last little while. And as everyone knows, for a student, getting post is pretty much the most awesome and exciting thing that can happen. (Unless it constitutes a terrifying letter from the council’s dogs, threatening to send the bailiffs round if you don’t pay the council tax you don’t owe).

Clubcard vouchers! Awesome!

Clubcard vouchers? Awesome!!

So naturally, getting post from the Race for Life made me very, very excited. It’s drawing ever closer to the official Race for Life launch, so they’ve been sending me all sorts of exciting goodies.

Man, I am fuuuuunny.

An artists impression.

Man, I am fuuuuunny.

I got an email thanking me for my participation last year, and suggesting that maybe I should enter again this year since I did such a good job.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 12.58.39

What a great idea, guys! I wish I'd thought of it myself.

What a great idea, guys! I wish I’d thought of it myself.

I also got my group fundraising pack, which was very cool. Double points because it came through the letterbox, and as previously discussed, snail mail freaking rocks.

My favourite part of Race for Life last year was reading all of the inspiring, beautiful and kick-ass back signs. All of them were different, everyone has different reasons to race, but there was still a feeling that we were all running towards the same goal. My 2012 back sign has pride of place on my bedroom wall, and now, my 2013 back sign is ready for its turn in the spotlight.

I race for life for hope for the future, and revenge for the past.

I race for life for hope for the future, and revenge for the past.

But in my pack, I also received something new. Something I didn’t get last year.


Check that out! I get a badge! I’m like a Race for Life sheriff. This was accompanied by a rather wonderful letter thanking me for being a group leader, and highlighting all of the ways in which I am important.

Oh you guys, stop it! I'm blushing. Really, you're too kind.

Oh you guys, stop it! I’m blushing. Really, you’re too kind.

So, things are definitely hotting up in Race for Life world. And to reflect this (and how brilliantly our fundraising is going), we have a brand spanking new target!

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 13.24.19

We hit this target last year. I fully believe we can do it again. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us so far. You are the superheroes.


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